October 2020

Lee Filters - Image of the Month - October

Selected by Richard James Taylor for their LEE Filters October YourView. 

"I was drawn to this image for its subtle sense of quiet and mystery. It’s the kind of scene we all stumble out of bed in the middle of the night for and I think Justin really got his rewards here! Framed by the darker trees on either side, the central tree makes for a fantastic subject. It is beautifully proportioned and the graceful limbs look even more extraordinary reflected in the pond. The layer of mist has softened the landscape and added to the mysticism of the scene.

Justin has used a 0.6 soft grad to control the exposure and maintain the subtle nature of the scene despite shooting directly into the sun. He has also done well to avoid any unwanted lens flare too! My only suggestion is that Justin could have employed a reverse ND grad on this shot, which would have allowed him to hold back the sunrise without darkening the sky at the top of frame, which I feel is a touch too heavy.

I can only imagine how Justin felt to be immersed in this location with the camera after making this shot!"

October 2020

Sunday Travel - Travel Section 

This image was taken (originally in portrait format) at The Elephant Stables in Kandy, Sri Lanka - looking out over the Knuckles range of hills.

It was used on their Contents page to illustrate an article entitled 'Close to the Knuckles: finding tea and tranquillity in Sri Lanka'.

The reproduction rights were bought by the Alamy picture agency earlier in the year,

July 2020

Sunday Times 'Big Shot' Competition - Runner-up in their weekly travel photography competition

Another runner-up position in this weekly competition this time with an image taken in the Wahiba Sands, in Oman. The sun was setting and these two people were on top of another dune, looking out over the desert.

The Sunday Times, July, 2020

July 2020

Sunday Times 'Big Shot' Competition - Runner-up in their weekly travel photography competition.

Taken from the back of an old American convertible when on a drive around the streets of Havana. Fortunate timing with a similar type of car overtaking us, just as a red & white bus was passing on the other side - and in bright sunshine, accentuating the vivid colours around us.

June 2020

Prints now available

I have now added a page to the website - Print Gallery - with details of prints that are available, charges and how to go about ordering one.

May 2020

Royal Photographic Society,  Travel Group - Winner of Monthly Competition

This image, of the service station at Haast Beach, on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, won the RPS Travel Group's monthly competition. 

The artificial light from the garage contrasted well with the colours of the stunning sunset at this lovely location, miles from anywhere.

Click on the image to see what the judge had to say about it.

March 2019

Royal Photographic Society - Associate Distinction (Travel category)

Statement of Intent: 'Having worked in The Square Mile (London's financial district) for many years, I wanted to try and convey, in this panel of images, what I felt, and still feel, to be the essence and character of 'The City'. In doing this, I'm looking to show the range of people who work here, both as office workers and the people who work to support them and the environment in which they spend their working day'.

To see the individual images that made up this panel - click here.

March 2019

Royal Photographic Society Travel Competition - Bronze Medal

Robust negotiations - at the Nizwa Cattle Market, Oman. This takes place every Friday morning – the market starting at 7.00am and finishing a couple of hours later, in time for sala al Jum’ah, the congregational Friday prayers.

The animals are walked around the circular stand at the centre of the market and auctioned off to the highest bidder, a lively scene featuring hundreds of locals, a scattering of tourists and, to quote the Rough Guide, “an overwhelming smell of animal poo”.

January 2019

National Geographic Traveller Photography Competition, 2019 - Winner of the Portrait category.

”Dirty Work, Dyeing Wool” was taken in the depths of the Marrakesh souk - the wool dyeing area. We got talking to one of the owners of a fabric boutique and, after a while, he took us round the corner to show us this almost apocalyptic scene of a worker dyeing the wool - it was dirty, hot and a pungent smell pervaded the air.

The dyer continued for a while, oblivious to our presence, but then turned round - and I took this photograph. We ended up buying a couple of beautiful scarves, the very least we could do to recognise the work that went in to making them.

What the judges said:

“Life among the heat and grime, an everyday workplace for someone. The glow around the lone figure, a beacon of light amid the dirt,” said judge Ben Rowe of Justin’s winning photograph of a worker dyeing wool in Marrakech.

November 2018

Landscape Photographer of the Year, 2018. Commended in the Classic category

This image of Godrevy Lighthouse, near St Ives, in Cornwall was taken on one of my regular visits down to St Ives. There are so many different views of the lighthouse and the weather is always changeable and so it is a delight to photograph.

Delighted, and surprised, to receive the Commended commendation - given the 20,000+ entries into the competition. The photograph was included within the Landscape Photographer of the Year Book 12 and exhibited at a number of major stations around the UK during 2018 and 2019.

March 2018

Siena International Photo Awards, 2018 - Finalist, Colour category

Taken at the 2017  Bristol Balloon Festival - two brightly coloured balloons passing overhead.

To reach the Finals stages was particularly pleasing, given that over 48,000 entries were received from 130 countries worldwide.

September 2017

National Trust  - Shortlisted for their 2018 Membership card image

This image of Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, as reflected in the surrounding moat, reached the short-listing stage of the National Trust's annual competition to find a photograph for its 2018 membership card.

November 2014

Agora Gallery, New York - Participated in their 'Illumination' exhibition

I was invited to take part in the Agora Gallery's bi-annual exhibition in New York - and had three of my black & white street photography images selected for display. I went over for the pening night / reception - and interesting experience.

Untitled photo

July 2014

Take a View / Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014  - Short-listed

This image, entitled 'The City - Old & New' reached the short-listing stage of the 2014 Landscape Photographer of the Year.

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