ARPS Distinction Award - Justin Cliffe | Travel & Street Photography

Very pleased to have been awarded an Associate distinction from the Royal Photographic Society (Travel category) in April, 2019. This involved submitting a cohesive panel of 15 images, together with the following  Statement of Intent

Having worked in The Square Mile (London's financial district) for many years, I wanted to try and convey, in this panel of images, what I felt, and still feel, to be the essence and character of 'The City'.

In doing this, I'm looking to show the range of people who work here, both as office workers and the people who work to support them and the environment in which they spend their working day.

The 15 images that made up the panel can be seen in this slideshow. They were taken over a couple of years on regular trips up to London financial district where I was looking for both the right light, and the 'right' people to come along in order to create my portfolio. 

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