What is street photography? The exact definition of this popular genre is tricky to pin down and means different things to different people. Even the word ‘street’ itself is misleading. Some would argue that it’s not so much about whether the photography is actually carried out in an urban environment; it’s about the kind of images you make. Street photography is more of an attitude, approach or frame of mind.

David Gibson, himself a street photographer for three decades, offers his own broad definition in his excellent book, 100 Great Street Photographs.

‘The term “street photography”,’ he writes, ‘can be applied to any photographs taken in a public space, with or without the inclusion of people, which are entirely natural, and not set up.’ He goes on to add, ‘Street photography is real, it is ordinary life made extraordinary by a great variety of photographers.’

Here's my take on it.
20180216-DSCF074420150804-DSCF3148Crossing the StreetBehind You!2009 06 11_370020180105-DSCF0495The Broker20170120-DSCF234520170120-DSCF227520170120-DSCF2228IMG_164820160501-DSCF902620140919-DSCF2184Mr Angry20140703-DSCF1846At the WindowLunchtime20140703-DSCF182320160304-DSCF3812In the City