A big, sprawling city, with history around every street corner. Particularly evocative is the Wall - and the plight of those who tried to escape from the East to the West.
Stolperstein ["stumbling stones,"]Berlin CathedralOld door20161118-DSCF1804The JC Dooks Band - at the A-Trane Jazz ClubThe JC Dooks Band - at the A-Trane Jazz ClubMr JC Dooks - at The A-Trane, BerlinThe WallSite of one of many tunnelsBernauer StrasseSame building - 60 years apartStreet sign - former East BerlinThe Reichstag20161119-DSCF190220161119-DSCF1922The Brandenburg GateThe Holocaust MemorialThe Holocaust MemorialAmpelmann deckchairs -  the iconic traffic-light menTowers, old & new