Spain's region of Andalucia is composed of eight provinces, stretching from the south-east to the south-west of the country, each one named for its capital city: Cadiz, Cordoba, Jaen, Huelva, Almeria, Malaga, Granada and Seville.

Once Spain´s poorest region, Andalucia is now a very popular tourist destination, helped by its sandy beaches, beautiful countryside, spectacular mountain ranges, famous monuments and friendly people, well known for their exuberance, warmth and hospitality.

Andalucia is also home of flamenco and bullfighting, which can be best enjoyed at the region´s countless ferias and romerias. But perhaps the differentiating feature of this enchanting region are the remnants of its Moorish past, seen best in Granada, Seville & Cordoba.
Granada20160501-DSCF894420160501-DSCF8971The Generalife Gardens at the Alhambra Palace20160501-DSCF902620160501-DSCF908420160502-DSCF914620160502-DSCF918220160502-DSCF9204The Alhambra Palace, Granada20160503-DSCF928220160504-DSCF9362La Fiesta de los Patios de Cordoba20160505-DSCF945120160505-DSCF945920160505-DSCF947120160505-DSCF947320160507-DSCF964320160507-DSCF966920160509-DSCF9774